Swimming in Sarteneja

All the piers and docks are public and you can swim from there.

You will find a small beach if you follow the sea front street. Keep going after the village ends. The trail continues along the mangroves and you will reach a small beach next to a cement pier with a thatch roof.

Best to go into the water from the pier. The coast is made of natural mangroves so the shore is muddy!
If you have water shoes, wear them as some rocks can be pretty sharp. Mind that the bay is shallow!

Traditional Milpa with Maya ruins in Sarteneja

If you are looking for a place that will show you how Maya farmers used to live at the farm, with traditional wells, and ancient Maya pyramids, this is your place to visit.

Open on appointment only.

On donation!

By Hilberto Trujillo

Visit Shipstern Nature Reserve

Riding bikes is one of the best things to do in Sarteneja. It only takes 20 minutes by bicycle to reach the Nature Reserve Visitor Center. For only US$10 you will be able to access a 22m high observation tower at the headquarter, visit the butterflies breeding center & garden, and hike the botanical trail (around 2 hours visit). Please carry your bug spray.

The nature reserve is located 3 miles from the hotel and open every day from 8am to 5pm.

Orchid Bay Beach and Restaurant

Nice restaurant on a resort beach, kayaks and paddle boards for rent, fishing trips.

Accessed by private transport only.

Cerros Maya Ruins

Maya ruins site is on the bay, and 10 min away there’s a nice wine factory and a restaurant with Bill and Jenny, at the Cerros resort.

Accessed by car or possible by bus, please contact the hotel office for details.

Lamanai Maya Ruins

This family-friendly adventure is popular with both locals and tourists. Chances are you might get a little wet, but it’s all part of the fun while riding a small boat on the river out to spot crocodiles. Lunch, boat ride and entry fee to the ruins is included and a guide will be with you at all times to ensure your fun experience. Price per person is US$85.

Tza-Ten-A-Ha Awesome Adventures

Tza-Ten-A-Ha Awesome Adventures is a local family business that started in the largest fishing village in Belize, known as Sarteneja Village. They conduct pretty much any tour on the mainland and also in the sea.

Their tours are basically private starting from two persons to any group size. They are conducted with much professionalism, care, love and dedication to make your tour the highlight of your entire vacation.

Contact them for any double or triple combination of tours to meet your needs. 

Visit their website for the list of tours and activities available. Here is a list of the tours available from Sarteneja: