Formerly known as Backpackers Paradise, Horse Cottage is located in Sarteneja Village, Northern Belize, and is open all year around. It is a licensed hotel open since 2006. It includes 5 private cottages and a communal chill out area.

Owner-Manager – Nathalie Nguyen
Alternate Manager – Yuri Verde

Today, Wild Horse Cottage is home to 3 horses.

Duna is the hotel’s first horse. She was born in the Mennonite community of Little Belize and joined the hotel in 2006. At 28 years old, she is the matriarch of the horse family.

First daughter of Duna, Shiva was born on the property in 2009. She is the expert driver of the hotel’s Mennonite horse buggy.

Tacos, Shiva’s mischievous little brother, was born in 2019. Due to an injury at birth, he is a one-eyed horse. Full of life and energy, he will make sure to make you laugh. Beware of unattended shoes!